Forum Thread: Foods That Dolphins Eat for Their Survival

Dolphin is an aquatic mammal that you can see in the sea. Every mammal or spice has to eat something for their survival. Dolphins will live in both the salt water and fresh water. The point is that, not all the dolphins will live in the freshwater, only a few can survive in the fresh water. Usually, dolphins will be found on the shallow regions of the water addressed in the continental shelves. Studies have proved that, dolphins have an excellent sense of hearing, so they would come to know about the arrival other species and fishes. The sounds of dolphins are very different while comparing to other sea livers.

What do dolphins eat? The foods that dolphins eat will vary from one dolphin to another dolphin. Dolphins do not eat the common foods, but instead, there are three set of foods that dolphins eat for their living. One type of dolphins eats squids and cephalopods. Other type of dolphins eats fishes like herring, mackerel and cod. The large dolphins like killer whales would like to eat marine mammals like sea lions, seals and turtles too at times. The above mentioned foods are something that dolphins do eat. Dolphins will hunt their foods themselves.

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