Forum Thread: Questions That You Can Raise to Siri

It is needless to mention that siri is the virtual assistant portion of the Apple iOS, tvOS, watchOS and MacOs. The siri app uses the natural language user interface and voice queries to answer to what people ask to siri. As you all know that, you have to press and hold the iPhone's home button to unlock the siri. Once you have opened up the siri, you will hear two beep sounds from it. The sounds are just to let you know that siri is ready to go with your questions. Once siri is ready to respond, you can raise questions to it.

The funny things to ask siri are, why you are called siri, what does that siri mean, are you a robot, what is your age, what do you at rest, what are you doing now, what is your working hours, can you stop at time and more. No matter, what kind of questions you raise to siri, but siri will answer your questions with no doubts. The answers can be different every time, but you will get an answer to your every question for sure. When you are bored, you can try questioning siri and laugh out loud on siri's answers to your funny questions.

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